This Saturday Night January 19!

Salt Lake! Come see us at the Eagles Club in Murray Saturday night, January 19, from 9pm to midnight. We’ll be doing our full range of classic rock hits.

10 West 4th Ave, Murray Utah 84107. No cover!

Discographers Live in Murray Utah

Two Chances to See Us This Weekend!

Randin with Major Tom

The Discographers are going out into the wild! There are two chances to see us.

Friday, November 9th (tonight!) 7-7:45pm , we’re backing up Major Tom on a set of David Bowie tunes as part of Illuminate Salt Lake, a very cool family event with activities, entertainment and light art installations. That photo above is Discographer Randin playing guitar with Major Tom at another gig a few weeks back. Here’s a Facebook Event. We’re playing at 100 South Rio Grande at the Gateway Mall.

Saturday, November 10th (tomorrow!), we’re playing at Twisted Roots, 156 South Main Street in downtown Salt Lake, from roughly 6:30-8:30. It’ll be casual, so come say hi!

Deeply Dazed, Seriously Confused

Dazed and Confused

We just uploaded our first full song video, a cover of Led Zeppelin’s Dazed and Confused. This one features our DEEPENING experiment. Since none of us are fit to fill Robert Plant’s shoes or sing into his microphone, we’re playing this tune a whole 4th lower in key. Randin’s using a Fender Blacktop Baritone Telecaster and Dan’s playing a Fender American Deluxe Jazz Bass V. Alex… well, he’s still playing his normal drums.

Guitar geek gear notes: Randin’s playing through an Ernie Ball MVP, a Dunlop Jimi Hendrix Crybaby, a Boss PS-6 Harmonist (for the octave up and down effect), a Boss OD-2r Turbo Overdrive, a Strymon Timeline and a Strymon Big Sky for a shimmer reverb for more octaves and high end sparkle. That’s going out stereo into a Fender Princeton Reverb 65 Reissue and a Vox AC4HW1.

We think the song sounds cool deeper like this. Let us know what you think!

Welcome to!

The Discographers

Seriously. There aren’t enough websites on the internet. So we made another one. Welcome to!

We’re a classic rock power trio from Salt Lake City. To be frank, we will rock you. We’ll share videos of songs, maybe some instructional videos and whatnot. There ain’t much to do on this site yet, but make sure to check out our first promo video. It features clips of 12 songs. All rock classics.

And join us on social media! Follow, like and subscribe to us on InstagramTwitterFacebookYouTube.

Thanks! We hope to see you out in the wild soon!